foodpanda doubles down on grocery business with house brand bright

foodpanda users can now shop from a new, expanded range of groceries under its private house label, bright. Available exclusively on the online grocery store pandamart, bright offers over 200 items across three sub-brands: bright farms for fresh produce, brightyums for pantry staples, ready-to-eat meals, snacks and beverages, as well as brightspots for household essentials. Items under the bright range will be available in all Pandamart stores across Pakistan. 

The new bright product range follows the successful introduction of foodpanda’s house brand offerings on Pandamart, which debuted as brightfields in 2021. Product offerings started with a handful of pantry necessities, including eggs, tissues and mineral water, and have since been expanded to cover a wider range of products, from fresh fruits to cleaning products like wet wipes. 

“The introduction of bright’s expanded range of products, exclusively on Pandamart, highlights our commitment to providing high-quality and hand-picked fresh products to our customers,” commented Director Q-Commerce foodpanda Pakistan, Syed Taha Magrabi. “By working directly with suppliers, we ensure that our products not only meet strict quality standards but are also competitively priced. As we continue to expand our offerings, we aim to make Pandamart the go-to platform for online grocery shopping, delivering value and convenience, straight to our customer’s doorsteps.” 

bright products are procured directly from suppliers, resulting in cost efficiencies that enable items to be priced competitively. foodpanda also has full supervision of the manufacturing process and implements strict quality control to ensure consistency in product standards including hygienic packaging. 

The launch of bright is part of foodpanda’s efforts to become the go-to platform for online grocery shopping, especially at a time when customers seek value and transparency in terms of product information, sourcing and nutritional facts. With bright, customers can enjoy high-quality products at any time of the day – conveniently delivered within the hour. 



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