Engro and Sehat Kahani promotes quality healthcare for all through telemedicine

As part of the PKR 1 billion Hussain Dawood Pledge, Engro Fertilizers (a subsidiary of Engro Corporation) has joined hands with Sehat Kahani, a leading e-health solution provider, to use its telemedicine platform to promote quality healthcare for all amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Under the initiative, Engro will support Sehat Kahani by adding 100 more doctors to the telemedicine app to facilitate a greater number of virtual consultations. Due to no physical contact, this willhelp to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in communities and medical staff on the frontlines as well.

According to Ghias Khan – President & CEO of Engro Corporation, “The COVID-19 has reminded us that the challenge of affordableand reliable healthcare must be urgently addressed in Pakistan. It is unfortunate that more than 50% of the country’s population does not have access to basic primary healthcare services. Therefore, our purpose-driven partnership with Sehat Kahani aims to benefit citizensby democratizing healthcare accessthrough integration of technology and innovative solutions”.

Nadir Qureshi, CEO of Engro Fertilizers, added that, “For over 54 yearsEngro Fertilizers has supported various business and community development initiativesespecially in the rural areas of Pakistan. This partnership with Sehat Kahani in another step in the same direction that we believe will help improve rural access to healthcare. By bringing this digital solution to rural communities we endeavour to play our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and InshAllah ensure better health for everyone around us”.

Dr. Sara Saeed, CEO of Sehat Kahani, said that, “During the lockdown and COVID-19 situation, we have seen a continuous uptick in the trend of utilizing Sehat Kahani’s telemedicine app and network of e-clinics. We are excited about this partnership with Engro as it will facilitate our mission of promoting quality healthcare access among some of the most underserved communities in Pakistan, with our female doctors leading the fight against COVID-19 crisis”.

To support the healthcare sector, Engro Fertilizers hasearlier also announced a collaboration with The Indus Hospital to launch free of cost COVID-19 testing interventions across rural Sindh.

Under the PKR 1 billion pledge made by Chairman Engro Corporation Hussain Dawood and Dawood Hercules Corporation, COVID-19 relief efforts will be supportedin services,kind and cash on multiple fronts, including:

· disease prevention, with a major focus on testing and diagnostics;

· protecting and enabling healthcare practitioners and other key workers, who are at the frontline of the fight against this pandemic;

· enabling patient care and facilities; and,

· bolstering livelihoods and sustenance of the most deserving in society.

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