DPS Students Outshine at the IKLC

The students have won laurels for Dawood Public School by winning across multiple categories at national, district and institutional level

Dawood Public School is proud to announce that its students have outshone at the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC). The students, belonging to Class I all the way up till A’ Levels participated and garnered medals in different categories. 

From the primary classes, five students of Class II namely Eshal Adnan, Rabeea Zahid, Zainab Anwar, Zainab Rashid, and Zara Khan secured a gold medal with a 100% result in the contest, thereby securing 1st position all over Pakistan. Among older students, Mahnoor Khan of A’ Levels clinched a gold medal – becoming one of eight gold medalists at the national level.

Moreover, Hania & Yusra from Class VI and Manaal from Class VII acquired 97% at the district level and shone with silver medals. A bronze medal was won by each of the 16 students from Classes I to XI who secured first positions at an institutional-level (70-80% scores).

Praising the efforts of students and teachers for this contest, Mahvish Roshani, Principal, Dawood Public School said: “We are elated with the outstanding performance of our students at the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest. This goes to show that with hard work and perseverance, one can achieve any goal in life. At the same time, I would also like to laud the determination of our teachers for their unwavering commitment to the mission of Education”. The competition is essential in promoting good communication culture among students of different age groups, which is crucial for thriving in today’s world.




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