Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah inaugurates 15th My Karachi

Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, has inaugurated 15th My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony Exhibition at Karachi Expo Center on Friday. It is organized by Karachi chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, CM Sindh while referring to the ongoing conflict between K-Electric and SSGC, said that the Federal government was unwilling to resolve this serious issue because they don’t care about the people of Karachi and they simply don’t want to see the industries running smoothly in this city.

He demanded that if the Federal government is unable to control SSGC and K-Electric, the Board of Directors and Management of both these entities should immediately be handed over to Sindh government. “Federal government can keep their shares and profits from these entities but Sindh government should be given representation at the Boards of both companies and the Management must also handed over to us. Then, we will make sure that SSGC and K-Electric take steps in the interest of Karachiites”, he added.

Sindh Minister for Industries Manzoor Hussain Wassan, Chairman Businessmen Group & Former President KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli, Vice Chairmen BMG Zubair Motiwala and Anjum Nisar, President KCCI Muffasar Atta Malik, Senior Vice President KCCI Abdul Basit Abdul Razzak, Vice President KCCI Rehan Hanif, Former Presidents AQ Khalil, Khalid Firoze, Mian Abrar, Majyd Aziz, Abdullah Zaki, Iftikhar Vohra, Younus Muhammad Bashir, Shamim Ahmed Firpo, KCCI Managing Committee members along with diplomats from various countries and exhibitors were also present on the occasion.

Commenting further on SSGC & K-Electric issue, CM informed that he has written two letters to Prime Minister and has personally spoken to him at least 6 times but to no avail. “The Prime Minister, during our conversation last Sunday, informed that a meeting has been called to resolve this issues but unfortunately that meeting also failed to provide any kind of relief.”

He was of the opinion that the Federal Government, despite having 24 percent stake in K-Electric and 73 percent in SSGC, was unable to resolve this issue which is really worrisome for Sindh government. “We have no share at all in both these entities. We have been demanding representation in K-Electric and SSGC as the problem is being suffered by the people of Karachi and Sindh”, he added.

Murad Ali Shah said, “Prime Minister and Advisor for Finance are busy in foreign tours which is the only thing that matters to them. If they cannot do anything, both these companies should be handed over to us and we will rectify them. We don’t have the capacity to completely take over these companies and it is also not our legal right but Sindh government should be given some authority so that these companies could be forced to do work. The industry and citizens should not suffer because of the ongoing conflict.”

He said that the Federal government simply doesn’t want the industry of Karachi to stay operational as they have been hatching many conspiracies from time to time against this city by ruining the law and order situation and discouraging people from visiting Karachi. “However, the people and industrialists of Karachi are very resilient which is not acceptable to the Federal Government. Hence, they continue to create problems and this conflict between K-Electric and SSGC is part of another conspiracy.”

Murad Ali Shah said that he will walk out of the forthcoming CCI and NEC meetings next week if K-Electric & SSGC conflict stands unresolved and the Federal government continues to show lack of interest towards this artificially created issue.

He further shared that the federal government was using the FIA to force SSGC to refrain from providing gas. It is a matter of concern that FIA is being used to deprive the people of Karachi from electricity.

Advocating Siraj Teli’s suggestion pertaining to police reforms, Murad Ali Shah said that it is ultimately going to be the responsibility of police to maintain law and order of the city as Rangers will not remain deployed forever. Hence, efforts are being made by Sindh to improve policing not only in Karachi but all across the province through reforms.

Chief Minister congratulated Businessmen Group and Karachi Chamber for holding My Karachi Exhibition every year without any break since 2004 when the law and order situation was really bad. “You never lost hope in the vibrancy of Karachi. You know the strength of Karachi and you worked dedicatedly to ensure that this exhibition continues to take place which has resulted in promoting the positive image of Karachi”, he added.

Chairman Businessmen Group & Former President KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli, in his remarks, appreciated Chief Minister and Sindh Minister for Industries for their support and cooperation constantly being extended to Karachi Chamber’s My Karachi Exhibition. “Sindh government has been constantly supporting this exhibition since 2004 which we greatly acknowledge”, he added.

Highlighting the journey of My Karachi Exhibition, he said that all BMGIANs have been making extraordinary efforts to make My Karachi Exhibition successful and today, KCCI was proudly celebrating 15th sequel of this event which has become a symbol of success for Businessmen Group and Karachi Chamber.

He said that around 1 million visitors attend this exhibition in which trade is being promoted through business-to-business meetings and a wide range of Pakistani products are also displayed along with the international participation. “The vision is to highlight the vibrancy of Karachi. The industrialists of Karachi have been facing many odds at all levels including federal, provincial and local governments but this never discourages us and we always strive hard to do something good for this city”, he added.

Referring to the hardships being faced by industrialists of Site Area, Siraj Teli said that the infrastructure situation of site area is really in bad shape. Although commitments have been made but not much has been done to provide some relief to industrialists of Site area.

Referring to the recent funding released by Sindh government for development projects in four industrial zones of Karachi, he said that these zones have received funds during Musharraf’s era and received more funds twice during PPP government’s tenure whereas the biggest industrial zone in Site area has been neglected. “I am not against funding to other industrial zones but every industrial zones of this city has to be treated equally”, he added.

Hailing the efforts being made by the Water Commission, Chairman BMG said that this Commission was doing a good job in dealing with the bureaucrats who simply don’t want to work but the Water Commission was constantly being misguided by bureaucrats and KWSB. “In order to hide its own thefts of up to billions of rupees, KWSB misguides the Water Commission by accusing the industrialists for water theft which is not factual at all. The industrialist mostly utilize sub-soil water and hardly use KWSB water for overcoming their requirements.”

In order to find out the reality, Siraj Teli advised Chief Minister to completely shut down KWSB water supplies to all the industrial zones for the next 6 to 10 days which would reveal that 80 percent of the industries will continue to operate during these days as their production depends on sub-soil water only.

Siraj Teli further requested Chief Minister Sindh to hold a meeting with KCCI’s delegation next week so that numerous issues being suffered by the industrialists could be discussed in detail and the same could be amicably resolved.

Appreciating the development work being carried out by Sindh government to improve the infrastructure of the city, Siraj Teli stressed the need to do more keeping in view the size and huge population of this city.

Stressing the need to build capacity of police and other Law enforcing agencies, Chairman BMG suggested that Police and LEAs should be made capable enough to effectively control the situation when Rangers leave the city otherwise all efforts made to restore peace in Karachi will go wasted and the city will once again plunge into serious lawlessness.

Earlier, President KCCI Muffasar Atta Malik, in his welcome address, said that the Karachi Chamber initiated this exhibition in 2004 and with the passage of time, this exhibition has substantially grown from just three halls to all six halls of the expo center. He also paid glowing tribute of Pakistan Rangers Sindh, Police and Law Enforcing Agencies for restoring peace in Karachi and extending full support to My Karachi Exhibition.

CAPTION: Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, Sindh Minister for Industries Manzoor Hussain Wassan, Chairman Businessmen Group & Former President KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli, President KCCI Muffasar Atta Malik, Chairman Special Committee for My Karachi Exhibition Muhammad Idrees and Former President KCCI Younus Muhammad Bashir cutting ribbon to inaugurate 15th My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony Exhibition at Expo Center on Friday. Senior Vice President Abdul Basit Abdul Razzak, Vice President Rehan Hanif and others are also seen in the picture.

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