Daily cargo handling report of karachi port trust

The Karachi Port Trust handled 388,698 tons of cargo comprising 238,336 Tones of import cargo and 150,362 Tons of export cargo during last 48 Hrs ending at 0700 Hours.


The total import cargo of 238,336 comprised of 94,189 Tons of Containerized Cargo, 2,385 Tons of Bulk Cargo, 13,912 Tons of DAP, 5,411 Tons of Iron Ore, 19,966 Tons of Wheat, 5,150 Tons of Soya Bean Seed and 97,323 Tons of Oil/Liquid Cargo.


The total export cargo of 150,362 Tons comprised of 82,781 tons of containerized cargo, 1,640 Tons of Bulk Cargo, 43,555 Tons of Clinkers, 9,460 Tons of Cement, 10,880 Tons of Mill Scale, 2,046 Tons of Rice.


KMTC Delhi, Mol Growth, Emerald Sea, M.T Shalamar, Amagi Galaxy, Ocean Success, Le Mans Express, Diyala, Glen Canyon, Chemroad Sirus, Hyundai Tacoma, Dalian Express, Tarlan and Neelambari have berth at Karachi Port.


OS Kano 35, M.T Quetta, M.T Lahore, Mohar, Uranus J, Northern Dedication, Msc Emily II, KMTC Delhi, Mol Growth and Emerald Sea have sailed out from Karachi Port.











    Office No: 205, Public Relations Department, Annex Building, KPT Head Office, Eduljee Dinshaw Road, Post code: 74000, Karachi

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