Coca-Cola’s Solar-Powered Water Filtration Plant in Megwarh Village near Umerkot Sindh benefits 800 households.

With 800 households, Megwarh is a small village near Umerkot Sindh, the birthplace of the great Mughal Emperor Akbar. Coca-Cola has set up a filtration plant in the town with a maximum capacity of disbursing 1000 litres per hour. The solar-powered pump uses an ultrafiltration system to clean water that women of this community earlier fetched from another pump five kilometres away.

The new plant has been installed with Solar, GPS and flowmeters to ensure sustainability. A team from Coca-Cola Pakistan visited Umerkot, spent a day with the community, and learned about its rich culture and the challenges it faces with the utmost resilience. Megwarh is also the village of Marvi, who rose to fame after she featured in Coke Studio Season 15’s song, Aayi Aayi.

Reflecting on the initiative’s impact, Aisha Sarwari, Senior Director of Public Affairs, shared, “This initiative is not just about commemorating Marvi’s love for her land and her people. It’s about addressing a critical issue. Pakistani women, especially in arid areas, struggle with access to clean drinking water, leading to their children falling sick with gastrointestinal diseases. By providing a sustainable solution, we make a significant difference to their health and well-being.”

Speaking about the experience of hosting the Coca-Cola team in her village, Chand Kumari, a mother of three, said, “My feet used to hurt carrying water-filled pitchers and walking for hours under harsh sun. I am happy to meet the people who brought this clean drinking water source closer to our homes.”

At the core of Coca-Cola’s #WaterForWomen Program is our unwavering belief that when women thrive, communities prosper. This belief is a slogan and a commitment demonstrated through the Paani Project. With 53 plants nationwide, we have served about 17 million to date, a testament to our dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The team also planted tree saplings around the pump at Megwarh, which will provide shade for women who come to collect water.

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