Mohammad Ahmad Shah was honoured with the International Cultural Award in America.

President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Mohammad Ahmed Shah (SI), received a recognition award for his exceptional contributions to connecting Pakistan to the world through the bridge of arts, culture, literature, and fine arts. The award was presented by Senator Bob Archuleta of the California Senate and Friends of Pakistan in the USA. Ahmed Shah is visiting America these days; Friends of Pakistan, an active literary and welfare organisation in America, and representatives and Senator Bob Archuleta of California also participated in a prestigious event in Los Angeles.

On this occasion, Senator California Bob Archuleta said that Ahmed Shah’s services to literature and art are commendable. Ahmed Shah thanked the organisers and said that only literature and arts can connect the world with each other, and peace can be maintained in the world by paying attention to culture and literature. He said that the Arts Council of Pakistan is not only playing its role in promoting Pakistani literature and culture, but it is the only cultural institution of Pakistan connected with the world. He said that the International Cultural Conference in Karachi will be held soon, to which cultural ambassadors and experts from around the world will be invited.

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