Children’s Urdu monthly brings out ‘Shikayat’ edition

Mahnama Sathee, children’s premier Urdu monthly, has brought out a special ‘shikayat’ number for the month of May 2018. Aimed at celebrating the funniest phase of the childhood, the exclusive ‘shikayat’ edition features a host of short stories, poems and essays that reflect a child’s inclination to complain of trivial ailments and beautifully depict a child’s tendency to find fault in almost everything they are exposed to, starting from a tasteless food being served to the most challenging schooldays a child is supposed to experience in his life. The ‘shikayat’ edition of Monthly Sathee happens to be an all-encompassing literary treasure devoted to children and young adults.

The May-2018 issue contains a treasure of hilarious stories, fun-filled poems and articles and tends to be a valuable addition to the children’s literature. Among the leading writers and poets featuring in the Shikayat number are: Ather Ali Hashmi (Urdu Zaban Hamari), Bina Siddiqui (Markaz-e-Shikayat), Seema Siddiqui (Siyah Cheshma), Hammad Zaheer (Shikayat Mitao Tehreek), Tanveer Phool (Skikwa aur Shikayat), Mah Jabeen Taj Arzaani (Sebzistan Main Hengama), Nayyar Kashif (Skiyatain Kiya Kiya), Shazia Farheen (Shikayati Tattoo), Muneer Ahmed Rashid (Shikayat Nahi Hai) and many others.

“Complain and get what you want’ is typically an early childhood phenomenon, which truly defines infancy, a golden period of one’s life no one wants to forget in any case,” says Mohammad Tariq Khan, editor, Mahnama Sathee. From the grief caused by the lack of toys to the grievance made out of a desire to outshine the rest of the children in terms of possessing trivial childhood belongings and keepsakes, Mahnama Sathee’s special ‘shikayat’ edition is celebrating childhood with its all innocence and highbrow attitude towards learning, schooling and the other things experienced in the early years of one’s life in particular.

According to Mohammad Azam Tariq, children’s literature in Urdu is gaining maturity, reflecting every phase of childhood, comprising diaper-wearing age to post-crawling stages that are largely ruled by naivety, creating adventures, celebrations of small achievements, consistent exploration and then the ear-piercing jubilation made out of discovering something new and more fascinating.

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