Careem Club’ application launched exclusively for Captains.

Careem Pakistan, the leading ride-hailing and technology platform, announces the launch of an exclusive application designed specifically for its esteemed Captains. This revolutionary app, developed in collaboration with Vouch365 (the app’s developer), offers an array of unbeatable benefits, empowering Captains with extraordinary savings and exclusive offers. Available in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, the exclusive application brings forth many exciting features and enticing opportunities for Careem’s top-performing Captains.

Key features of the app include:

1. 10,000+ Buy 1, Get 1 Free Vouchers: Captains gain access to a vast selection of buy one, get one free voucher spanning various categories such as food, salon & spa services, entertainment, retail, and much more. This extensive array of vouchers ensures Captains enjoy rewarding experiences across the cities they serve.

2. Exclusive Captain Offers: Careem’s commitment to prioritising its Captains extends beyond the road. The app offers exclusive Captain-centric deals, including petrol savings and other valuable perks, designed to enhance their personal and professional lives.

3. Growing Memberships: Over 400 memberships have already been activated, with plans to activate over 5000+ memberships in the near future. This burgeoning community of members showcases the app’s growing popularity and the exceptional value it delivers to Careem’s Captains.

4. Reserved for Top Performing Captains: The application is exclusively available to Careem’s top-performing Captains, recognizing and rewarding their commitment to providing exceptional service. This special privilege reflects Careem’s dedication to fostering a supportive and appreciative community of drivers.

5. Empowering Captains’ Financials: By availing the exclusive discounts and offers within the app, Captains stand to save up to PKR 100,000 annually. This financial empowerment empowers Captains to achieve their personal and professional aspirations, contributing to their overall well-being.

Commenting on this innovative launch, Imran Saleem, General Manager Ride Hailing at Careem stated, “Careem is thrilled to present this exclusive application, tailored to reward our Captains for their outstanding dedication and service. This app is a testament to our commitment to supporting our Captains beyond their rides, ensuring they reap the benefits of their hard work and dedication. We are proud to empower them with extraordinary savings, exclusive offers, and opportunities to enhance their lives.”

The exclusive application is set to elevate the captains’ journey with Careem, enriching their daily experiences and contributing to their overall satisfaction and happiness. As Careem continues to revolutionise the transportation industry, the launch of this app reaffirms the company’s commitment to nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship with its valued Captains.

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