Breast Cancer Day Seminar at Iqra University North Campus

Breast cancer develops in women when abnormal changes in the breast appear that regulate the growth of cells that develop in the breast. These views were expressed by Dr. Zubaida Qazi, Founder & President of PINK Pakistan Trust, to the Iqra University North Campus. In the session, she delivered that uncontrolled cancer cells often invade healthy breast tissue and spread to other parts of the breast, which helps the cancer cells to spread to many parts of the breast through primary pathways.

Symptoms of breast cancer include redness of the entire breast, the formation of a lump in the breast, swelling in some parts of the breast, discharge of blood from the breast, the formation of a lump under the arm, peeling of the skin of the breast, shape, and size. Sudden changes and others are also included. They said that ductal carcinoma starts in the milk duct and lobular carcinoma starts as lobular and then grows to prevent breast cancer diagnosis by mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy tests. Apart from this, the unusual change in oneself can be checked at home by self-examination in front of a mirror.

Dr. Zubaida Qazi said that there is no way to prevent breast cancer, but some measures can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer, including eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods, exercising, and avoiding radiation. She said that breast cancer can be treated with overall health, radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. Preventive measures can reduce the duration of breast cancer. Dr. Saleema Tejani, Dr. Hassan Waseem, Dr. Tuba Mehfoz, and others were present on this occasion. Dr. Sobia performed administrative duties.

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