Book on South Asian Studies launched

Time is running fast for most Third World Countries, including Pakistan, to accelerate the pace of their socio-economic growth as nations with failed economies will soon be swallowed by technologically advanced countries, boasting of ultra-modern innovations and post-industrial wonders. This was said by Khawaja Amer, veteran journalist and author, in the launching ceremony of his latest book “South Asia: A Region in Perspective.”

“For a struggling country like Pakistan, rapid development is no more a matter of choice, but it has now become a matter of the country’s life and death,” warned Amer, author of the book “South Asia: A Region in Perspective.”

Comprising a collection of some 50 analytical, well-researched, thought-provoking articles, “South Asia: A Region in Perspective” by Khawaja Amer is the most comprehensive work produced on South Asian studies in recent years. The book is a running commentary as well as truly a reference guide for political researchers, journalists, current affairs enthusiasts, students and even for general readers. This compilation provides useful insights into regional developments that have taken place in the last few years.

“The articles that are part of this compilation were first published in the South Asia magazine during 2015-17. As is the nature of all journalist writings, the articles are equally relevant today as they were a couple of years before. Particularly when seen in the present context, the book represents a composite picture of what the South Asian region went through in a certain phase of history as well as confirms the old-age dictum that the more things change, the more they stay the same,” according to Amer.

Before penning down his latest tome “South Asia: A Region in Perspective,” Khawaja Amer launched his first book ‘On Either Side of the Fence’ in 2015. He began his journalistic career with the Morning News and has served Arab News, Jeddah and Khaleej Times, Dubai. He also worked for some periodicals which include Jang Group’s Weekly Mag and Monthly SouthAsia. He also worked for many years for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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