Arts Council of Pakistan pays tribute to Shahnaz Siddiqui

The president of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Mohammad Ahmed Shah, said that one of the chambers of art councils should be attributed and named after the highly respectful late Shahnaz Siddiqui. He expressed his views in a condolence reference session held in the memory of Shahnaz Siddiqui on May 10th where he remembered his memories. He said that he had been here for 18 years in the Arts Council and had been receiving the help of Shahnaz Siddiqui for the last 16 years in which he in my support, stood like an iron wall. He further said that I did not see in my life a faithful man like Shahnaz Siddiqui. He never had a greed of any position and stood firmly in every kind of bad situations like a loyal friend. Ahmed Shah said that today everyone believes that we have lost a great human being. Each person expresses his sadness with association of Shahnaz Siddiqui to themselves, of course, every person associated with literature and culture, admires Shahnaz Siddiqui as his own asset.

Ghulam Mohiuddin, a renowned film actor, also expressed his regret over the occasion, saying, “We will never get out of this grief.” He said that Shahnaz Siddiqui was a very capable man. He also asserted every kind of support by demonstrating sympathy and solidarity with the Siddiqi’s family.

The famous actor Munawar Saeed said that Shahnaz Siddiqui was a wonderful man. Referring to his memories, he said that he spent 48 years with the man and Siddiqui always got good intentions.

Honorable writer and poet Sahar Ansari said that Shahnaz Siddiqui was a very sincere man and the best family man whose sense of humor was fantastic. He further said that Shahnaz Siddiqui worked for the Art Council of Pakistan till his last moments. He also said that everyone here knows how much capable of man Siddiqui was. He also prayed for the forgiveness of Shahnaz Siddiqui.

Shahnaz Siddiqui’s close friend and famous actor Hanif Raja said that It is a great deal of shock from the death of Shahnaz Siddiqui to the world of showbiz and literature. He also said that Shahnaz Siddiqui was a very patient, humble, loving and intelligent man. According to Zulqarnain Haider, Raju Jamil, Shahnaz Siddiqui was a lord of personality and said that it would be more convenient to call him peace ambassador.

The family of Shahnaz Siddiqui was also present on the occasion, in which his sister Nusrat Rizwan also reminded his brother’s memories and said that Shahnaz Siddiqui was a dictator of personality and had a lot of love for his family. The daughter of Shahnaz Siddiqui Imrana Nadeem, said that he was a good father, good son, good husband and a good man. She further said that he was a very good friend in the form of a father. Afsar Hussain, a son-in-law officer of the Shahnaz Siddiqui, said that Shahnaz Siddiqui was an unusual person, and in his opinion, he had a great deal of importance for his family. He also thanked the management of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and president Ahmed Shah on arrangement of condolence ceremony. Furqan Siddiqui, brother of Shahnaz Siddiqui, highlighted his brother’s life and said that he was a struggling man and used to love his parents very much. Allah has mercy on him today and now he rests in his mother’s feet.

Other members of the session also shared their condolences in the memory of Shahnaz Siddiqui, including his friends and the members of ACP’s governing body. Among the viewers, Iqbal Latif, Sanobi, Salma Shaheen, Bakhtiyar Ahmed, Qazi Zakir, Zikaria Usman, Dost Mohammad Faizi, Akhlaq Ahmad, Dr. Ahsan Moin Qureshi, Abdul Aziz Memon, Saeed Jaffri, Ayaz Ahmad, Shamim Furqoo, Qudsia Akbar, Ayub Sheikh, Adam Rathoor, Wakeel, Ali Hassan, Younis Sahib, Kashif Grami, Kazim Pasha, Professor Ejaz Siddiqui, Habib Memon, who highlighted the life span of Shahnaz Siddiqui, and prayed in his wake of forgiveness.

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