An event for the accomplishment of the second version of “Saima Ishaq’s” poetry known as “Rakht”

Adabi Committee of Arts council of Pakistan Karachi with the collaboration of Bazm-e-Farog Adab Pakistan organized an event for the accomplishment of the second version of “Saima Ishaq’s” poetry known as “Rakht”. The event was presided by Mehmood Sham in which he said that, Saima Ishaq has her unique name in Urdu literature, her poetries are simple that can easily be understood, he further congratulated Saima Ishaq on her hard work that he achieved in the form of a book.

The chief guest of this event Prof. Haroon Rasheed share his views that, her poetries describes the life that how a person struggle in his life to achieve his goals. The honorary guest of this event professor Razia Subhan said that, her struggle for Urdu literature is ever green, despite of all this is her second book but her work is describing that how she is looking towards the Urdu literature. The famous poet Ambreen Haseeb Amber said that, Saima Ishaq doesn’t need any fame or popularity, she describes her thoughts according to the changings in the society.

Dr. Nuzhat Abbasi share her views on the delightful personality of Saima Ishaq, she said that in her poetry cultural thoughts play a key role, she writes according to the cultural changes occurred in the society. In this delightful evening Prof. Auj-e-Kamal, Shaikh Rashid Alam, Waqar Zaidi, Qazi Danish, Humaira Rahat and many other poets also contributed by sharing their views on the marvelous work of Saima Ishaq. At the end of the evening Saima Ishaq distributed his wonderful book and bouquet among the guests and thanked them for appreciating her work.

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