Ammad Hassan reliving the passion of the great Junaid Jamshed

As we all are well aware that the life of Junaid Jamshed(JJ) was like a roller-coaster ride which finally ended over the grand mountains of Havelian some 4 years ago. I’m one of many those that still loses their control while recalling the sad incident which truly was a jolter.

Most of us still can’t forget the huge funeral procession of the legendary JJ after which tribute from all around the globe started piling up over the various media mediums. Everyone was paying tribute according to his/her dedication and capacity.

One of those devoted and dedicated fans of JJ is Ammad Hasan that has paid tribute to the legendary at the 4th anniversary of the sad incident in a different manner.

Ammad has a diverse personality that, on one side, is a marketer but, on the other side, takes keen interest in writing, reading and singing. Diversity in his personality and the passion for music pushed him to kind-of wholly redesign his own life over the footprints of the great musician-turned-evangelist JJ.

Ammad alongwith his friend Ali Sher, a renowned musician, once came up with an idea to reproduce Ek Chand Ek Sitara, one of the famous covers of Vital Signs which itself carries a huge legacy behind it. To reproduce a grand cover, which carries gigantic names like ShoMan, Salman Ahmed (Junoon) and the great JJ, was itself a mammoth task which required perfection to attract the viewers.

The duo of two As, Ammad and Ali, no-doubt has turned up with a great re-do of a cover which has reminded us of the time (2015) when it actually was produced. Let’s not miss to watch this treat not only for eyes but for our ears too…


Badly missing you JJ. Our hearts will always be filled with your vocal memories…

‘Ek Chand Ek Sitara’

Originally written by Legend Shoaib Mansoor ‘ShoMan”

Originally Composed and Performed by Legend Salman Ahmed “Junoon”

Cover by Ammad Hasan

Produced by Ali Sher

Special Thanks to Tanzeela Ammad, Madiha Affan and Prince Affan Bin Saqib.

Humble thanks to Mr. Sheharyar Hasan Qadri for allowing the shoot at his “Farmhouse”.

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