Citizens’ wellbeing and safety are collective responsibilities: KATI

Patron-in-Chief of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) S.M. Muneer, Acting President Faraz-ur-Rehman and Vice President Maheen Salman said, in a joint statement said that safety of citizens should be the top most priority and termed it as collective responsibility of K-electric and administration of the city.

S.M. Muneer urged to device a comprehensive strategy for safety of citizens, especially in unusual conditions such as heavy rainfall in the city during the current month.

Faraz-ur-Rehman said that KATI is waiting for the results of the investigation by NEPRA. “No single entity is responsible for the breakdown of civic infrastructure in Karachi or for the unfortunate incidents which occurred as a result. In fact, Karachi is plagued by numerous issues such as uncollected garbage, clogged storm drains, overflowing sewage, unchecked proliferation of encroachments and crumbling roads, all of which become compounded during the rain and the urban flooding occurred as a result”, he added. He said that there is a need for all stakeholders to work together and come up with a joint action plan.

He urged Chief Minister Sindh, the Mayor Karachi, Commissioner Karachi and other relevant custodians of public well-being to take the lead on this so that all concerned stakeholders understand and accept their responsibilities in the interest of the people of Karachi. Faraz-ur-Rehman suggested coating electric poles to prevent electrocution incidents. Office bearers of KATI also appreciated K-Electric for its cooperation in NEPRA investigation and other initiative to address the concerns.

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