Alibaba Group’s Daraz facilitates the donation of around US$320,000 for flood relief efforts in Pakistan

In response to the devastating floods that hit Pakistan last year, Daraz has announced that it will facilitate a donation of around US $320,000 from its China-based parent company Alibaba Group to support efforts to rehabilitate communities affected by the disaster.

The donation will be made to The Citizens Foundation, a globally recognized and respected non-profit organization working since 1995 to provide quality education to the underserved population of the country. The funds will be utilized to build a school in the Badin District of Sindh for 180 children to resume their education at the earliest possible, and its upkeep for the next five years.

Daraz Pakistan will be managing the overall partnership with The Citizens Foundation to govern the construction of the school and monitor the project’s progress on a monthly basis.

Ehsan Saya, Managing Director, Daraz Pakistan, stated, “The country has been through the worst natural disasters in its history, affecting a significant number of our population and infrastructure. Recovering from the losses caused will not be linear. As organizations and individuals, we must all step up to help in whatever capacity we can. At Daraz, generosity of spirit is one of our core values which we try to live by every day, especially at difficult times that affect our nation. We are proud to be a part of Alibaba Group, which is contributing to helping communities rebuild their lives. The gift of education is the best way to give back to society in the most meaningful manner, and we are confident that we will be able to transform many lives through this partnership with The Citizens Foundation.”

Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad, President & CEO, of The Citizens Foundation, expressing his views on the occasion said, “For 27 years, TCF has been committed to providing quality education for the less privileged children of Pakistan. To fulfill this mission, we look towards collaborating with organizations that share our vision of a better and literate Pakistan. The E-commerce sector is transforming the future of shopping from conventional brick-and-mortar stores and has entered the digital era with modern solutions, allowing ease of purchasing in the most efficient manner. We are excited to collaborate with Daraz Pakistan and expand our reach and impact.”

Ms. Pang Chunxue, Chargé d’affaires of China Embassy, Islamabad, appreciated this effort and shared “I am very pleased to learn that Chinese Alibaba Group has committed to donate USD $320,000 to support rehabilitating communities affected by the floods, and feel more excited to know that the funds will be used to build a school in the Badin district of Sindh to accommodate 180 children to resume their studies. My special thanks also go to The Citizens Foundation for their facilitation and implementation. China and Pakistan have a tradition of helping each other and sharing weal and woe. In addressing the historical floods last year, China offered immediate support and assistance to Pakistan. Up to now, China has provided nearly US $260 million in flood relief assistance to Pakistan. It’s the accumulation of acts of kindness, as in this case the Alibaba Group and Daraz Pakistan, that our close bond continues to enhance and grow stronger over time. Chin-Pak dosti zindabad!

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