Al-Khidmat Foundation Organizes Fun Gala for Orphan Children

The Orphan Care Programme of the Al-Khidmat Foundation, known as the ‘Al-Khidmat Kifalat-e-Yatama Programme’, organized a Fun Gala at Dream World Resorts in Karachi on Sunday. Aimed to provide over 450 orphan children a welcoming environment for healthy and fun-based activities, the one-day gala was participated by well-known philanthropists, artistes, officials from the government institutions and private and multinational companies, media representatives and bloggers who spent their entire day with children who came from such far-flung cities as Mirpur Khas, Tando Allahyar, Badin, Nawab Shah and Hyderabad.

Among the leading personalities who participated in the fun gala were Syed Mohammad Hussain Mehnti, Ameer-e-Jamat Islami, Sindh, Dr. Mohammad Shahid, Chairman of the Social Welfare Department, University of Karachi, Feroz-ul-Haque, Vice President, Sindh Olympic Association, Brigadier (Retd.) Abdul Jabbar Butt, National Director, Orphan Family Support Programme of the Al-Khidmat Foundation, Ayaz Khan, TV comedian, and many others.

Speaking on the occasion, Syed Mohammad Hussain Mehnti, Ameer-e-Jamat Islami, Sindh, said children are the supreme assets of the nation. If they are deprived of their childhood—socially, economically, physically and mentally, Pakistan will get deprived of its potential human resources for social progress, economic empowerment, peace and order, social stability and good citizenry.

Providing for orphans in various parts of the country, the Al-Khidmat Foundation has been running an orphan care programme known as ‘Al-Khidmat Kifalat-e-Yatama Programme’ since 2014. At the national level, the Programme has been serving over 12 thousand young orphans and in the Sindh province, a total of 745 children are being covered under the initiative.

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