A powerful mafia involved in smuggling oil from Iran.

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On Monday, the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) stated that the sale of smuggled Iranian oil has increased to an alarming level due to the administration’s connivance in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It added that an action against protesting dealers will result in a strike at filling stations nationwide, paralysing the entire system.

PPDA Central Executive Committee member Hasan Shah, while addressing an emergency meeting of petroleum dealers, said that PPDA district presidents across the country are waiting for our call to start a strike. He stated that a strike against the expanding illegal filling points, which pose a serious security hazard, began in the Peshawar Division yesterday.

After the strike, the administration threatened the petroleum dealers with raids, arrests, and fines instead of closing down the illegal filling points, which we strongly condemn. He warned that if the members or leaders of the PPDA Peshawar Division, including Najibullah Khan and Gul Nawaz Afridi, were arrested, a nationwide strike would be started immediately.

If the provincial government does not resolve the problems, the country’s entire system will become crippled by the closure of petrol pumps nationwide.

According to Hassan Shah, a large mafia is smuggling substandard Iranian oil, which is being sold publicly across the country, with Peshawar being the most prominent.

He observed that small shops and stalls across the country are selling this substandard and adulterated fuel without adhering to any quality or safety standards, leading to frequent fire incidents that claim precious lives and property.

On this occasion, Khawaja Atif Ahmed, Humayun Khan, Nadeem Aziz Jan, and Nauman Butt said that this illegal business cannot go on without the connivance of the district administration, police, and other relevant institutions.

They added that government officials are playing with the country’s future and people’s lives for their own interests, and no one can stop them.

Smuggled oil costs the government billions of rupees in revenue, destroying the businesses of refineries, oil marketing companies, and dealers and eliminating the possibility of new investment in this important sector, they observed. The dealers said that petroleum dealers would not tolerate the sale of Iranian oil in Pakistan.


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