20th HealthAsia to be held on October 19-21 in Karachi

The increasing population and complicated health issues in Pakistan must be addressed with modern treatment at hospitals and medical institutions. This is possible by bringing high-tech equipment, devices, and emerging technological tools into the country. The trade fair is doing the technological migration to Pakistan in the healthcare sector, HealthAsia 2023, held on October 19-21 at Expo Center, Karachi.

The 20th edition of HealthAsia 2023 will host 150 local and foreign companies in the healthcare sector participating, including 80 foreign delegates from Singapore, China, Turkey, Hungary, and Iran. The event will also host 19 seminars and workshops to train the doctors and paramedical staff with the latest methodologies in the healthcare sector.

Farhan Anis, Vice President of E-Commerce Gateway Pakistan, said the healthcare sector is highly important and equally sophisticated, evolving with consistent upgradation in technology worldwide; Pakistani healthcare must upgrade their systems to provide treatment to the maximum number of patients within the country.

The HealthAsia is a trade fair which facilitates the local hospitals and medical centres to bring in evolving treatment practices in Pakistan without carrying out foreign visits in international exhibitions of the healthcare sector, he added.

Investment in the local healthcare sector saves the citizens’ precious lives and helps contain medical tourism in the county, ultimately costing higher import bills.

According to the World Health Organization, the national health infrastructure comprises 1201 hospitals, 5518 Basic Health Units, 683 Rural Health Centers, 5802 Dispensaries, 731 Maternity & Child Health Centers, and 347 TB centres, and the total availability of beds in these health facilities is estimated at 12,3394.

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