“15th Almi Urdu Conference” from December 1st to December 4th at Arts Council Karachi.

The 15th Almi Urdu Conference will be held from December 1st to 4th at the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, in which hundreds of language, literature, art and culture experts from all over the world will express their views in more than 45 meetings.

Delegates from all over the world have started arriving in Karachi to participate in the conference, a book fair will also be held on this occasion, and dozens of books will also be launched in the forum. These views were expressed by the president of the Arts Council, Muhammad Ahmad Shah while addressing a press conference at the Arts Council along with well-known poet and intellectual Iftikhar Arif, Anwar Maqsood, and Noor ul Huda Shah.

Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that the tradition of the Almi Urdu Conference was started fifteen years ago; now, it has become a powerful conference awaited all over the world, and people from all over the world who love Urdu come to it. He said that at the Urdu conference, there are literary meetings, mushaira, qawwali, dance, and everything that is connected with culture; we have combined the six languages of Pakistan with the Almi Urdu conference, there will be more than 45 meetings in the four-day conference. Hundreds of experts and intellectuals from all over the world will express their views.

He said that we would raise the flag of Pakistan worldwide. Today the country that is being divided economically and politically needs to be united; our great people are separated from us, Mustansar Hussain Tarar is unwell, and delegates from India did not get NOC; people from India will participate online; we believe that through literature, we must change the attitudes of the people of this country.

The well-known intellectual and writer Anwar Maqsood said that Ahmed Shah is not a human being; he is waiting for the Almi Urdu Conference like a mother waits for the birth of a child.

At this conference, every evening is crowded, and every gathering is decorated. Ahmad Shah made this huge building with his language, civilization and love. It is a big thing to hold a conference in these economic conditions. The people of Karachi are requested to Reach the Arts Council Karachi at four o’clock on December 1st. Famous poet Iftikhar Arif said they had not seen any other institution that has worked so frequently for literature; Karachi was a difficult city; there was violence. It is not easy to collect the writers of all the languages of Pakistan under one roof, all the languages of Pakistan are our language, and we have no differences with anyone; the Arts Council has implemented this; theoretically, those who are not united, Ahmed Shah has gathered everyone under one roof, I request you all to advertise as much as possible, we are going through difficult times now, he said, I have been watching this institution since 1965. Yes, all the past leaders are respectable, but the situation now is very different. Not only has the infrastructure changed here, but we have few things left to be proud of in the world, including an arts council.

Well-known writer Noor ul Hudi Shah said that the role of the Arts Council in the coming two years, you cannot even imagine, with the contribution of writers and poets in this institution, the dead city has come alive, silent people. To raise a fuss, to Christianize them to talk, this is what Ahmed Shah and the Arts Council are doing, all the languages of this country are national languages, Ahmed Shah has done a lot of work on this, it has created a lot of love and adoption, here. It feels very good when everyone gathers under one roof, there was a time when dead bodies were falling outside, and writers were talking here, they said that they are bringing love, unity and closeness to the Almi Urdu Conference. , the more it increases, the stronger it will be.


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  1. Albert Samuel

    I congratulate to entire team of this “15TH ALMI URDU CONFERENCE” and I pray to God that all of have a courage to perform well.
    Happy Almi Urdu Conference of 2022. Ahead towards 16th in 2023 with high performance. Hamari zindgi ka muqdas hai ka doosroon ke kam ayaan.
    God Bless all of you. Amen
    01st December 2022 09:50 hrs.

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