EFU General Insurance is a key participant and sponsor at the 3rd International Solar Clean Energy Conference in Karachi.

EFU General Insurance Ltd. is proud to announce its participation and sponsorship at the International Solar Clean Energy Pakistan Conference & Exhibition. The conference is a platform to foster discussions, share knowledge, and showcase the latest solar energy and clean technology advancements. The event brings together industry professionals, governmental bodies, researchers, and stakeholders to promote sustainable and green energy solutions.

Spokesperson at EFU General Insurance Ltd. “We believe that sustainable and clean energy solutions are crucial for our nation’s future, and we are fully committed to supporting the growth and development of the solar energy sector through our insurance services.”

The company acknowledges the significance of solar energy in reducing carbon emissions and addressing the persistent energy crisis in Pakistan. Through its wide range of insurance solutions and expertise, the company aims to facilitate the growth of the solar energy sector and provide comprehensive risk management solutions tailored to the unique needs of this emerging industry.

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