14th My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony concludes successfully

Next year’s Exhibition to be staged with same zeal from April 6, 2018: Siraj Teli

Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) and Former President of Karachi Chamber and Industry (KCCI) Siraj Kassam Teli, while paying glowing tribute to all BMGIANs and Office Bearers, particularly KCCI’s Special Committee for My Karachi Exhibition for striving really hard to improve My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony Exhibition, informed that next year’s 15th My Karachi Exhibition will also be staged with same zeal and enthusiasm on April 6, 7 & 8, 2018 at Karachi Expo Center. Addressing a press conference held to highlight the journey and achievements of My Karachi Exhibition, Chairman BMG said that the exhibition is regularly being staged since last 13 years which keeps improving and expanding every year and this year’s 14th My Karachi was also yet another resounding success as it was attended by 800,000 to 1 million visitors.

Vice Chairmen BMG Zubair Motiwala, Haroon Farooki, and Anjum Nisar, President KCCI Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Senior Vice President KCCI Asif Nisar, Vice President Muhammad Younus Soomro, Chairman Special Committee for My Karachi Exhibition Muhammad Idrees, Former Presidents KCCI AQ Khalil, Haroon Agar, Abdullah Zaki, Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra and Younus Muhammad Bashir along with KCCI Managing Committee members were also present on the occasion. While thanking all the citizens of Karachi, Siraj Teli said that the success of My Karachi Exhibition cannot be attributed to BMG and KCCI only but its success was also due to the citizens of Karachi, who densely participate in this event every year since its inception in 2004. My Karachi Exhibition, which also depicts the discipline of Karachiites, has become an icon of Karachi Chamber and is the most famous event of the country, he added.

Referring to a survey conducted by Former President KCCI AQ Khalil during the exhibition in which questions about My Karachi Exhibition were asked from visitors, Chairman BMG said that it is really heartening to note that majority of the visitors warmly appreciated KCCI’s efforts but expressed concerns over limited number of just three days of the event with suggestions that this exhibition should be staged at least 4 times a year.

“My Karachi Exhibition is a place where B2B meetings are held between importers, exporters, manufacturers and foreign exhibitors from around 12 countries whereas recreational facilities including food court, kids playing area, birds & pets show were also available for families. It is the only exhibition which holds something fascinating for people of all ages from infants to senior citizens who spend all day and remain engaged in numerous activities at the Expo Center”, he added. Recognizing the overwhelming support by exhibitors, he said that many exhibitors have been regularly participating in this event since its inception and most of them book their stalls well in advance for next year’s event as they are always keen to be part of this event.

Appreciating the overwhelming support by the media, Chairman BMG pointed out that press and electronic media have been fully supporting all his efforts and initiatives since he decided to come into business politics in 1992 from Site Association, which was followed by 25 years of consecutive services to business and industrial community from Karachi Chamber’s platform. “Every single statement on numerous issues including infrastructure, law and order, policymaking and budget etc. are given extraordinary coverage by print and electronic media. Throughout all these years, media friends fully supported us and made My Karachi Exhibition more fascinating, colorful and successful with their prominent presence during all three days”, he added.

He also expressed sincere gratitude to Karachi Police and Rangers whose contingents were heavily deployed at Expo Center during exhibition days and further appreciated Government of Sindh, Governor Sindh, Local Government, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan and all other departments, who never refused and promptly responded to Karachi Chamber’s requests.

Chairman BMG further noted that for the very first time, Pakistan Rangers Sindh, Pakistan Maritime Academy and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra have also established stalls at My Karachi Exhibition, which received good response from visitors. Explaining the reason for choosing My Karachi – Oasis of Harmony theme for this exhibition, Siraj Teli said that the name ‘My Karachi’ signifies that everyone who lives in this city takes ownership while the theme “Oasis of Harmony” depicts the city of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-language and multi-sectarian people living together in complete peace and harmony.

The exhibition is staged every year to highlight the positive image of Karachi, strength and discipline of its people and resilience of the business and industrial community, he added.

Keeping in view limited space at Karachi Expo Center, Siraj Teli suggested that at least two more expo centers should also be established in the city. Bigger Expo Centers with at least with 10 to 12 halls should be established in Karachi while the existing Expo Center must also be expanded.

Commenting on improved security situation after Karachi Operation, Siraj Teli said that the law and order situation has improved by almost 80 percent and now it is time to give attention to the remaining 20 percent which includes capacity building and depoliticizing of police. “Police and Law Enforcing Agencies should be made capable enough to effectively control the security situation of Karachi whenever Rangers leave the city otherwise all efforts being made to restore complete peace in Karachi will go wasted”, he added.

“Nobody owns Karachi city except the business and industrial community and Karachiites. Majority of the people of this city are good and much disciplined but some of them are misguided and spoiled by a handful of extremists and politicians. All improvements seen in the city were due to efforts made by business community and Karachiites whereas the Law Enforcing Agencies have done a good job and political people, whether willingly or unwillingly, said yes to Karachi Operation which yielded positive results.

While urging the politicians to immediately stop injustices with Karachi, he said that Karachi must be given its due share and rights. If Karachi contributes 68 percent revenue to the national exchequer, it should be accepted instead of coming up with illogical arguments by attributing Karachi’s contribution to Ports and Head Offices etc. “We have been seeing this for the last two decades that nobody accepts Karachi’s significance and its contribution. Politicians sitting in the National Assembly are powerful enough to order Statistics Department to evaluate revenue contribution of Karachi by classifying everything and even if they do so, I am confident that the city’s contribution will be well above 55 percent. Even if they try their best to fraudulently show reduced revenue contribution by Karachi, I am sure it will still be above 50 percent. We are not demanding that the entire revenue generated from Karachi should be spend on the city but this city should get its due share. Karachi feeds the entire Pakistan but remains deprived from its due share and continues to suffer injustices.” He further demanded that census should be carried out honestly under army’s supervision and demarcation should also be modified whereas electronic voting system must also introduced before the election. “No election should take place without census, demarcation and electronic voting which will help in dealing with all issues from grassroots and is the only way forward to ensure prosperity for Pakistan”, he stressed.

President KCCI Shamim Ahmed Firpo and Chairman Special Committee for My Karachi Muhammad Idrees Memon paid glowing tribute to BMG Leadership, particularly to Siraj Teli and all other BMGIANs for their overwhelming support and appreciation which resulted in breaching all previous records and making this event memorable for the citizens of Karachi city.

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