Hysab Kytab App aims to become an international brand

Hysab Kytab (Private) Limited, a Company of JBS in Pakistan, plans to make their digital product – Hysab kytab App, an international brand like Shan food products worldwide. The ambition strategy was shared by the Head of Hysab Ketab Mohammad Yasir Ilyas and Marketing Lead Ms Nosheen Naz of the Company to a select group of media people in Karachi today.

The App has already been used internationally and acquired by Habib Bank, Bank of Punjab, and Askari Bank. At the same time, talks with the management of 30+ Global banks in MEA and Americas regions are going on to affiliate/integrate with banks for their customers’ uses.

A Uber Captian, salary person, household lady and many more can use it as it has user-friendly operations.

As an individual user of the App, it is secure for any data breach or access to a third party. The Company is passionate about empowering its users to manage their finances.

Feature of App

Hysabkytab covers all areas of personal finance management. It can track your expenses, set budgets, set saving goals, and view reports of your financial activities with just a few taps. It provides a 360-degree view of your economic activities, laying the groundwork for sound financial decision-making and analytics to understand spending patterns.

It may add here that Hysab Kytab is a technology company that provides digital solutions through financial management and consumer products. It is 100% Pakistani products.

Hysab Kytab consumer app is a user-friendly mobile app that offers a platform to manage an individual’s financial activities. It encapsulates the individual’s spending, saving, and budgeting information and produces a 360-degree view, enabling them to always stay on top of their finances.

Hysab Kytab’s consumer app has over 700,000+ users from over 160 countries, who have clocked 13 Million+ transactions in Hysab Kytab.

Hysab Kytab PFM is a fully customizable and secure wealth management product that is a white-labelled personal finance management solution. It can seamlessly integrate into the bank’s existing core banking applications and helps banks maximize and optimize their revenues per branch and customer, often selling more products to customers.

At Hysab Kytab, the Company want to help people with all their money matters and connect businesses to the right people.

Hysab Ketab Mohammad Yasir Ilyas has rich experience in working spread from the USA to the Middle East and came to Pakistan a few years back with a passion for working in Pakistan to introduce an international brand like Shan Masala.

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