Zong 4G contributes to the digital transformation in Pakistan.

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s telecommunication leader, proudly reaches a new pinnacle in propelling the nation’s digital evolution. With the exhilarating introduction of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnerships, especially for its esteemed corporate clientele, Zong 4G unleashes a wave of innovation to enhance revenue streams and elevate the customer journey.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, Information and Communication Technology is the cornerstone for every corporation, shaping communication channels and revolutionizing business operations. Recognizing its pivotal role, Zong 4G has taken a bold step forward, offering cutting-edge digital platforms and services tailored for corporate clients. This initiative not only enhances Zong’s DICT portfolio but also injects it with a thrilling blend of cost efficiency and diverse solutions, propelling businesses into an electrifying era of innovation and connectivity.

In order to create ease for its corporate users, Zong 4G is offering the following services Network and Cyber Security: CMPak helps its customers to leverage the intelligence of wide-range security network. it includes firewalls (Virtual and physical), WAF, Cloud based security Solutions, IDS, IPS, Email security solutions, Secure VPN, Connectivity Solutions, Real time Antivirus, data leak Checkers. Major Partners include: Fortinet, Sangfor, Sophos, TrendMicro, Kaspersky.

IT Infrastructure: A diverse selection of products is available, encompassing routers, switches, WiFi devices, data center racks, industrial-grade UPS, on-premises cloud services, and smart screens, among other offerings. Major Partners include: Huawei, ZTE, Rujie, Ruckus, Fiberhome, Raisecom, Attom.

Information Management: Zong 4G provides its customers with comprehensive data protection solutions encompassing backup, recovery, and safeguarding of files and applications. This suite includes services for data protection, backup, and recovery. Major Partners include: VeeAM.

Automation and Surveillance: CMPak showcases a premier array of Automation and Surveillance solutions, achieved through collaborations with top international industry players. CMPak extends AMS, Surveillance solutions, Dash Cam solutions, and IP Phones to its customers, encompassing surveillance cameras, facial recognition solutions, ANPR solutions, and video security solutions. Major Partners include: Dahua, HIKVision, Grandstream.

Workplace Technology: This includes UPS from 4KVA to 500KVA, Micro modular Data center indoor racks, Data Center Containment, Solution Indoor Racks, Precision cooling Racks, outdoor cabinets, Rectifiers and metered PDU racks.

While discussing the importance DICT in Pakistan, the official spokesperson for Zong 4G stated, ‘ICT holds a central position in reshaping how we engage with the world around us, transforming communication, access to information, and the very fabric of business operations. The strategic collaborations with OEMs mark a monumental endeavor for Zong 4G, ensuring that its users are equipped with unparalleled resources at their fingertips, sourced directly from the pinnacle of the market’.


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