Zong 4G celebrates China’s National Day by offering exclusive international roaming

Zong 4G is excited to celebrate cultural diversity and togetherness by introducing China Roaming Prepaid Bundles on China’s National Day on October 1st and the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. These bundles bridge geographical distances and embrace the rich tapestry of global traditions and celebrations, reflecting Zong’s commitment to connecting people across borders.

Zong 4G’s exclusive international roaming prepaid bundles enhance the Chinese holiday experience, offering an exclusive opportunity to stay connected with uninterrupted connectivity. Offering resources from 30 minutes, SMS and 1 GB data to 90 minutes, SMS and 5 GB data. On top of that, only data offers, including 1 GB, 3 GB and 5GB, are also offered, starting from as low as just Rs. 950.

Zong 4G’s China Roaming Bundles offer travellers an incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in the essence of China. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Beijing, savouring authentic cuisine in Shanghai, or admiring the natural wonders of the Great Wall, our bundles ensure you stay connected with your loved ones and share your adventures seamlessly.

“Our China Roaming Bundles exemplify our commitment to fostering global connectivity while honouring cultural diversity. We believe staying connected is a convenience and a bridge that brings people closer, especially during important cultural celebrations.” – Zong Spokesperson.

Not just for travellers, these bundles are key for Chinese residents abroad using ZONG SIM, enabling them to stay in touch and partake in cultural festivities even when far from home.

To stay connected with the holiday festivities, subscribe through Zong’s Online shop at https://www.zong.com.pk/onlineshop/ir-bundles or dial *4255# and get a minimum of 15 days validity up to 45 days.


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