Zodiac Terminal Operating System delivers upgrades to Aden Container Terminal

Aden Ports Development Company (APDC), has made the switch on ZODIAC Terminal Operation System (TOS) at their Aden Container Terminal in Aden, Yemen, bringing the cutting-edge technology into full-fledged application at the terminal.

As one of ZODIAC’s first customers since 2012, APDC has chosen to stay with ZODIAC software solutions in upgrading their Zodiac 5.0 to Zodiac 7.1, which is one of the most advanced and user friendly systems on the market for ports and terminal management. This means the enhancement of the terminal’s operations will ensure a smooth migration even during the COVID-19 pandemic, as ZODIAC continues to provide to its customers with complete support in accessing global supply chains with high efficiency and capacity.

Dr. Mohammed Amzerba, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the APDC said: “ZODIAC advanced TOS solutions will drive smarter trade. It ushers in a new era in terminal operations in Yemen as it shifts from its predecessor to high productivity rates while managing the terminal more efficiently. We are excited by this new upgrade, and we are confident the technology will find a lot of keen takers around the world.”

Aden Container Terminal, largest container terminal in Yemen, with a capacity of over 1 million twenty-foot-equivalent units (TEU), is located near to one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. ZODIAC software has been running in Aden Container Terminal for several years, making it a key driver of global trade in Yemen while enabling efficient port and terminal operations.

The ZODIAC terminal operating system (TOS) has been running Aden Container Terminal since 2012, with measurable improvements and gains in performance, productivity, equipment utilization and more. 2020, a year marked by major challenges and turbulence in the global logistics industry, also saw Aden Container Terminal migrated to ZODIAC software, with support for advanced facilities. ZODIAC will be rolling out at an additional 40 terminals by 2023, adding to the 34 terminals already running ZODIAC software, representing nearly 10% of global TEU throughput.

Dr. Mohamed Rahmah, Head of ZODIAC, said: “Using current advances in technology such as real-time data collection, digitalization, A.I. / machine learning, and big data analysis, ZODIAC builds the key infrastructure necessary for port management and operations staff to optimize their resources.”

ZODIAC software is a cutting-edge solution for the challenges facing the modern shipping industry, with proven capability for supporting terminals both large and small, with on-site and Cloud-Based TOS options available, and seamless migration from existing software. The ZODIAC terminal operating system today is an advanced integration platform built from the feedback of those working directly in terminal operations, using technology such as real-time tracking, big data analysis, smart equipment management features, machine learning and more for smarter, faster, and better logistics.


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