Zindigi JS Bank & 5th Pillar Family Takaful Signed MoU.

The Digital Banking Initiative of JS Bank, Zindigi, has partnered with 5th Pillar Family Takaful, a prominent provider of Takaful products and services, to make Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages more accessible.

This collaboration combines Zindigi’s user-friendly digital platform with 5th Pillar’s established Hajj and Umrah saving plans, including the end-to-end value chain. This means customers will experience a hassle-free pilgrimage saving and traveling plan directly through the Zindigi Mobile App.

“We are thrilled to join forces with 5th Pillar Family Takaful, enabling us to provide a comprehensive solution for Hajj and Umrah to our customers,” said Mr. Atif Ishaque, Chief Business Officer Zindigi JS Bank. Mr. Asim Raja, the Chief Commercial Officer of 5th Pillar Family Takaful, echoed this sentiment, stating “This collaboration perfectly aligns with our mission to democratize access to Hajj and Umrah. By leveraging our expertise with Zindigi’s digital capabilities, we can inspire more people to embark on these sacred pilgrimages.”

The partnership between Zindigi and 5th Pillar Family Takaful is a significant stride towards making Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages more accessible and convenient. This collaboration not only simplifies the process but also underscores the unwavering commitment of both organizations to support their customers in realizing their spiritual journeys, providing a sense of reassurance to the audience.


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