Zero gas pressure in SITE Brings industrial production to a halt.

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Muhammad Kamran Arbi, President of the SITE Association of Industry, expressed serious concern over the very low (almost zero) gas pressure in the SITE industrial area, Karachi. This pressure makes it impossible for industries to run boilers, furnaces, or other gas-powered machinery.

In a communique sent to Imran Maniar, Managing Director of SSGC, the SAI President stated that since the SITE area, Karachi, is located at the end of SSGC’s distribution network, the problem of low gas pressure has persisted for many years.

He mentioned that despite two days’ weekly closure and injection of RLNG into the system, the gas pressure has not yet improved to a satisfactory and workable level in the SITE area. Consequently, the Association has been receiving numerous complaints from Member industries stating that they are not getting the required gas pressure to run boilers, furnaces, and other gas-run machinery.

Kamran Arbi demanded the MD SSGC take immediate notice of the situation and arrange to provide gas to SITE industries with the required pressure throughout the week without any off days. He reiterated that providing gas with the required pressure is compulsory to keep the industry running and to ship export orders on time.

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