Zakat and Ushr Department, Sindh Government’s Support of Deaf Education

Mr. Nisar Khuhro- Minister, Food and Parliamentary Affairs; Rtd. Justice Zahid Qurban Alvi-Chairman, Zakat and Ushr Department, Sindh; Mr. Riaz Soomro- Secretary, Zakat and Ushr Department, Sindh; Mr. Khalid Lateef- Chairman, Zakat and Ushr Department, Karachi East and Mr. Yousif Naz- Chairman, Zakat and Ushr Department, Karachi South visited Deaf Reach School and Training Center, Karachi. The visitors were given a tour of the school and were inspired by the high standard and quality of

the campus and teaching staff. They presented a generous check on behalf of the deaf students that will help to sponsor their school education via the Zakat and Ushr Department. Mr. Khuhro said, “I am truly impressed with the wonderful work being done by Deaf Reach Schools in providing quality education for needy deaf children, not only here in Karachi, but in their 5 schools across Sindh. In those rural areas, it is the only opportunity deaf children have to get an education and learn a skill. We fully support their efforts, and hope to eventually have a Deaf Reach School in every district in Sindh.”

Deaf Reach is a project of Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF), a non-profit educational organization active in Pakistan since 1984. FESF invests in educational development and provides innovative training programs, developmental tools and services to enable recipients to gain competency and self-sufficiency. The Deaf Reach program is FESF’s pioneering effort to empower the Deaf community of Pakistan through education, skills training and career development. For more information, please visit

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