Youth Awareness Campaign on Safe Charity

Bargad, an organization for youth development, held a press conference in Karachi Press Club and briefed about progress of its ongoing project, entitled, “Safe Charity Awareness Campaign”.  Bushra Sadiq, project coordinator of the campaign, informed during the press conference that objective of the project is to sensitize particularly the business community about safe charity practices and promote credible and well-documented non-profit organizations and charities as rightful recipients of public donations in Karachi. “This is in view of the risks that many militant organizations may try to collect funds through their front welfare organizations”, she added.

She said that “the Youth of Karachi and students of local universities i.e. IBA, NED, IOBM have met with welcoming response by the business community during the awareness campaign on safe charity. After taking training, the young peace champions and social mobilizers have so far undertaken 23 social action projects to reach to more than 1500 shopkeepers and spread the messages of donating to deserving people. The campaign has been executed in markets of Saddar, Paposh Nagar, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Sakhi Hassan, Pehalwan Goth and Chanesor Goth areas.”

She said that organizing social actions in markets proved to be a life-long experience for the peace champions. Shopkeepers and community stakeholders have participated in signature campaigns, literature distribution, information desks, role plays and mobile exhibitions run by the peace champions.

At this occasion, media anchor and academic Dr. Huma Baqai while lauding the efforts of the organizers said that few people realize that some charitable and service organizations serve as fronts for international militant groups, providing them funding, material, recruits and more. She said: “this can not only put our society into more conflict but also compromise Pakistan’s position in the international community.”

A young peace champion, Abdul Bari, who took part in the awareness campaign, said that Pakistan ranks seventh in the World Giving Index and more than 650 billion rupees are donated annually to charities.  “While it was a source of pride, people have to also be very careful in giving their charity”, he added. Project coordinator of the campaign in the end thanked all participating universities, members of market associations and the Karachi Chamber of Commerce who have supported this compelling campaign.

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