Yango celebrates a year of transformative operations in Pakistan

The international ride-hailing service Yango, a part of the global tech company Yango Group, proudly marks the first year of operation in Pakistan, now covering five of the nation’s major cities since 2023. The milestone further builds on Yango’s commitment to revolutionising the mobility industry in Pakistan and delivering unparalleled services to its users and partner drivers.

In a span of one year, Yango service has made substantial strides in the Pakistani market, demonstrating the profound impact of advanced technology, affordable pricing, and stringent safety measures. Yango has enhanced the ride-hailing experience and instigated positive changes within the mobility industry.

The service has prioritised safety since its launch, continuously enhancing the user experience to ensure security and comfort. Key safety features include an SOS button for immediate connection with local authorities in emergencies, a share route option that allows users to share trip details with trusted contacts, and verified drivers through regular checks of their driver’s licence, photos and vehicle documents to ensure compliance. These features are just a few examples, with more safety enhancements planned for the upcoming months. Additionally, Yango has established a diligent support team available 24/7 to assist users and partner drivers in Pakistan with inquiries and provide timely solutions.

Yango’s business model actively supports local businesses and fosters economic growth. The availability of Yango’s services in Pakistan resulted in the creation of numerous direct and indirect jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. Till date, Yango has partnered with over 50 transportation companies in Pakistan making every single partner driver a stakeholder who is utilising Yango’s ride-hailing solutions to provide exceptional transportation services and to support a valuable and stable additional earning stream.

In its first year, Yango customer support service showcased its efficient and customer-centric approach by returning over 1,400 lost items to their respective owners. Mobile phones were the most commonly lost items, while the most unique returned item was a wedding album. Yango’s diverse range of services is further highlighted by the longest trip to date, an impressive 387 km journey from Islamabad to Lahore.

“Yango’s one year anniversary in Pakistan is a moment to celebrate our achievements, assure our commitment to providing seamless customer experiences, and further focus on the happiness and well-being of our partners and partners drivers. We are dedicated to enhancing our safety features while introducing additional features for both passengers and drivers. We are also focused on implementing initiatives that will positively impact our users, partner drivers, and the Pakistani community as a whole,” Miral Sharif, Country Manager for Yango in Pakistan said on the occasion.




As Yango ventures into its second year in Pakistan, the service plans to launch into new cities, further expanding its coverage and extending the reach achieved in the past year. Moving forward, Yango aims to become the go-to mobility platform in Pakistan, distinguished by its innovative safety solutions. By doing so, it reinforces its role as a part of a tech giant committed to making a positive impact daily.


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