“Wastewater reuse can reduce water crisis in Pakistan,” experts say

Wastewater reuse can play a key role in reducing water stress in Pakistan. This was highlighted in his welcome address by Dr.-Ing. Jameel Ahmad Khan, who is the President of Pakistan Academy of Engineering (PAE), in the 13th Symposium of the Pakistan Academy of Engineering held at a local hotel. The theme of the symposium was “Water Stress”.

The focus of the symposium was on Groundwater Resource Management, Management of Water Distribution and Handling of wastewater utilizing the available technologies in order to reduce water stress.The experts lamented that the Indus basin aquifer is among the world’s second most overstressed source of water. Pakistan is classified as extremely high water stress country.

Experts stressed that Technology Assessment should be conducted that could reduce water use to address water scarcity in the energy sector, municipal water sector and agriculture sector. Awarded Nuclear Engineering Expert, Mr. Waqar Butt SI & TI – Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Tamgha-e-Imtiaz – imparted a detailed presentation on the Nuclear Desalination for Coastal Areas of Pakistan.

Water and Energy Expert, Dr. M. Bashir Lakhani, who is the Director W&E of Techno-Consult International Pvt Ltd, shared his technical views regarding the leakages of piped water in Karachi.

Prof. Dr Muhammad Shafqat Ejaz of NED University of Engineering & Technology elaborated on latest technologies applied to Groundwater mapping in Pakistan.

Dr.-Ing. Jameel Ahmad Khan in his technical speech shared a comprehensive and well -illustrated presentation on Membrane processes for water and wastewater treatment.

The symposium concluded after discussion and Q&A session. Invitees belonging to the government, academia and business sector attended the event.

Pakistan Academy of Engineering provides policy insight to its stakeholders and it is a thinking laboratory.

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