VEON Wins Award for Crisis Response at World Communication Awards 2023

VEON, a global digital operator that provides converged connectivity and online services, today announces that it has been awarded the Crisis Response Award for its group-wide Emergency Response initiatives in Pakistan, Ukraine and Bangladesh, and beyond at the World Communication Awards 2023.

The World Communications Awards, presented in Amsterdam recently and hosted after the conclusion of the Total Telecoms Congress, is adjudicated by over 90 independent industry experts, academics, and CTOs; and is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious awards in the telecommunications industry. 

VEON was recognised for its “comprehensive approach to some of the most difficult operating environments on Earth, both due to natural disasters and man-made conflicts” including a focus on network resilience, early disaster-warning apps, and humanitarian aid.”

During the past two years, VEON’s digital operators have prioritised putting technology to the use of the most vulnerable people and communities who fell victims to the war in Ukraine, devastating floods in Pakistan, and cyclone Mocha in Bangladesh. While no humanitarian situation is comparable in terms of devastation, these disasters have all affected and continue to affect millions of people, exposing them to disease, hunger and displacement, with women and children being most vulnerable.

In response to the devastating 2022 floods in Pakistan, VEON’s operating companies—Jazz, JazzCash, and Mobilink Microfinance Bank—extended support towards flood relief efforts. This support included the provision of free or subsidized telecommunications and financial services, as well as much-needed emergency supplies.

It is pertinent to note that many of the people affected by the floods relied on Jazz not only for connectivity, including voice calls and messaging but also for access to financial and other essential life services. Despite flood damage to critical digital infrastructure and many masthead sites going underwater, Jazz ensured a network availability of 96% through its rapid repair task force. Jazz’s teams went the extra mile to restore communication, which was critical to rescue efforts. Moreover, the operating companies jointly provided relief to those affected by the floods, including shelter, food ration bags and mobile healthcare facility.

“The World Communications Awards is one of the most distinguished ceremonies in telecoms, and we are thrilled to be recognised with the Crisis Response award,” stated VEON CEO Kaan Terzioğlu. “Our emergency response initiatives have proved critical in safeguarding against national disasters and ensuring crucial communication lines remain open throughout geopolitical challenges. Across the Group, we’ve secured connectivity for all, fostered future development, and facilitated the distribution of humanitarian assistance to those in need.”


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