Uxi Mufti book “Muhammad (PBUH) in modern times” was launched in Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi.

In the third day and fourth session of the Fifteenth Aalmi Urdu Conference organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, the launch ceremony of the book “Muhammad (PBUH) in modern times” by Uxi Mufti was held. Mubeen Mirza expressed his views on book and the duties moderators were perform by Saleem Mughal. Iftikhar Arif, expressing his opinion on the book, said that the author of the book has penned the first part of this book in the name of Allah and this book is the second part regarding Muhammad (PBUH). He said that many books have been written on the biography of scholars will have their own opinion on this book as well, for us, Muhammad (PBUH) is and will be a beacon of light in all times.

He said that there are many requirements of biography, we should never avoid questions because those who want to hide something or want to hide the answer should avoid questions. Uxi Mufti has tried to answer every question, especially the questions that have been raised in the West. Mubeen Mirza said that Uxi Mufti has named the above book very attractive. The human nature of Muhammad. In the human life and human affairs, especially in this society which was a Bado society, in such a society, the personality of Muhammad (PBUH) was sent to talk about connecting humanity. This book by Uxi Mufti is also written in the same background. He said that there is an interest in Islam in the West and it is increasing, they want to understand the personality of Muhammad (PBUH), so Uxi Mufti wrote this book to inform the people of the West about Islam. I will tell.

Sahib-e-Kitab Uxi Mufti said that I am especially grateful to Ahmed Shah and Iftikhar Arif for launching my book written in English at the Aalmi Urdu Conference. He said that this book of mine was not written for Muslims and believers, but I have written this book for the unbelievers so that they can have full knowledge of the Qur’an and Muhammad (PBUH). He further said that this book of mine is also written for the students of my country who study from the internet.

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