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University of Agriculture Fairlead (UAF) developed two GM sugarcane varieties

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Two GM sugarcane varieties developed by University of Agriculture Fairlead(UAF) , in addition to engineered traits of top-borer resistance and herbicide (glufosinate, Basta) tolerance, are carrying numerous superior traits like input-responsiveness, high-number of millable canes, high sugar recovery and early maturing making it suitable for plantation in the months of April and May after harvesting wheat.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Khan, the University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pro-Vice Chancellor and developer of GM sugarcane varieties, stated This.

In the last week, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of Pakistan under the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), in its 34th meeting chaired by the EPA Director General, Farzana Altaf Shah, approved two GM sugarcane varieties: herbicide (glufosinate)-tolerant (CABB-HTS) and insect (top borer)-resistant (CABB-IRS) developed by UAF.

Vice Chancellor UAF Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Director General EPA Farzana Altaf Shah, and many other scientists at the meeting congratulated Prof. Dr Muhammad Sarwar Khan (Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Dean Agriculture, UAF) and his team on developing these varieties and considered it a landmark achievement in the GM sector worldwide.


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