Unity, Law & order, Economic Progress and Spreading of Education are vital for the defense of the country

Speakers at the meeting of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly Karachi chapter have stressed upon the unity, law and order, economic progress and spreading of education which are very vital for the defense of the country. The meeting was held recently on the theme: ‘Defense of the homeland and education’ at a local hotel.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest and defense analyst, Col (Rtd) Mukhtar Ahmed Butt said though defense of the country was a responsibility of the armed forces but they could not be able to fulfill this responsibility without the support of the public as was done in the war of 1965 when whole nation was stood like a wall behind the armed forces. We were not so fully prepared in 1965 even then we defeated the enemy’s army, but now we were fully prepared and an atomic power as well we would give a thumping defeat to the enemy if he again made a mistake of attacking on our homeland, he added.

He said, our enemy had tried hard to create differences in our nation on the pretax of sectarianism, extremism and regionalism. The nation had surmounted these difficulties and further would get over these obstacles with the promotion of education in the country, he added.

‘Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said was first person who had visualized the value of education and done a lot of work for spreading of education as he had built a city of education, science and culture ā€“ Madinat al-Hikmah in which education was being imparted from class I to university level’, he said, adding that Hakim Said always stressed upon education, simplicity and Pakistani at and if nation followed his principle of ‘simplicity and Pakistaniat’ and made its system of education according to the “Educational Report”, submitted by him, no one could stop it to become a strong and developed nation.

Mrs. Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan in her address said, today’s war is being fought through latest war strategies and modern technologies and these technologies could be achieved only through education, so it was the responsibility of the government and all of us to give best education and training to our children and youths as our religion also emphasized to acquire education and knowledge. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said had fulfilled his responsibility regarding spreading of education in the country as he spent his whole life earning in building a city of education, science and culture in Karachi as he was aware of this fact that no nation could make progress without education.

She advised the children and youths to acquire education and scientific higher education too with utmost interest, dedication and hard work. Because that was the only way through which they could take their nation to the height of glory as desired by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said and other leaders of our nation, she added.

Young speakers Hamna Shakil, Usman Rashid, Muniba Gauhar, Tayyaba Fakir Muhammad, Dua Ayub, Jaweria Batool and Meerab Muhammad Rafiq also spoke and pledged to take full education as they came to know that education was a weapon and great source to defend their country and make it a stronger, prosperous and developed country.

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