Unauthorized tampering of electrical infrastructure causes electrocution

A man received multiple electrical shock and burn injuries when he broke into an electricity substation in Gadap and tampered with power equipment. Muhammad Ghulam, a day laborer tried to repair a faulty low-tension (LT) cable. Mishandling the high-voltage equipment, normally handled by trained skilled technicians resulted in burn injuries, damaged power equipment and power outage in the area.

KE personnel were able to respond swiftly, saving the man’s life and repairing the damaged cable.

Unauthorized tampering and encroachment of sensitive electrical infrastructure damages equipment and can cause fatal electrocutions. On May 04, 2020, two men were electrocuted to death, in separate incidents in Karachi. One of these victims – Hanif, aged 23 years, was electrocuted to death in Darya Abad area of Lyari, while setting up an illegal power-connection. Another victim, 18 year old Ashraf, also died when attempting an illegal hooked connection on a high-tension (HT) line in Manzoor Colony.

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