UIT students participate in IEEE SS12: Maker Fair Competition

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The Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) students participated in the IEEE SS12: Maker Fair Competition held in Sri Lanka last month. SS12 is an innovation challenge organised to recognise the best social innovators around the world. The theme for this year was ‘EMPATHY TO ENGINEERING: SOLUTIONS FOR MACRO ISSUES’ Students from different universities in the world took part in the competition and showed their engineering skills. The final round was held at the National School of Business Management Green University, Sri Lanka.


UIT Assistant Professor and Branch Counselor of IEEE UIT AtifFareed said that he greatly appreciated students who worked hard and participated in the competition.


A large number of innovators, industry, community and field experts attended the final round and shared their experiences as keynote speakers. This was an open house event where people had the chance to view project exhibitions, presentations and interact with the students.



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