UIT students leave for 10-day Europe study tour

To expand their knowledge and to get hands-on experience of the industry, forty students from the Usman Institute of Technology have left for a 10-day study tour in Europe. During the tour, the students will visit the Mercedes plant, the BMW plant and the Philips Museum located in Germany, France and the Netherlands. They will have an opportunity to learn about the engineering, the electrical systems and the assembly line behind building quality vehicles.

The tour aims to provide practical engineering experience, cultural exposure and professional engagement. Students will also gain confidence as they will explore new places and European culture.

Engr. Syed Kazim Ali will lead the group and help students to understand the experiences. UIT is focusing to give experiential learning opportunities to students where they can learn by seeing n doing. A student, Ammar Ateeq, said he is really looking forward to the trip because he will not only learn from the experience, but will also explore many cities in Europe. Another student, Hunain Iqbal, said: “I am sure it will be a great chance to gain an insight into industries¬ in the developed world. I am very excited about this learning opportunity.”

Upon their return to the country, the students will have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in meetings at the institute.

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