UIT student wins DICE VIC 2017, gets into NEST/I/O

A student of the Usman Institute of Technology’s (UIT) and his team won the DICE VIC 2017 for their ‘Home Tuition’ project and got into NEST I/O. Mohammad Saad Iqbal came up with the project idea keeping in view the higher fees at the coaching centres. He says through the application, students will not only be able to lower their expenses but also be able to learn anything they want. He adds the platform allows instructors and learners to interact with each other and helps build skills that are required to compete in the real world.


He says the project is also based on the concept of old schooling system, therefore learning isn’t bound by age or money. The trustworthy staff members will monitor all activities, he clarifies. “If this application is used in a proper manner, it will contribute to our education system and can bring a huge change in the literacy rate of our country,” he hopes.


UIT Director Dr Zahir Ali Syed says there is a need to bring a drastic change in our education system. “We have studied in a system where we used to depend on these coaching centers for education. But, for new generations this project is very helpful as they won’t have to spend a lot of money on their studies,” he says. The application will not only help students increase their knowledge, prepare for their examinations, but will also encourage them to study and work towards achieving their goals, he elaborates.

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