UIT holds Allama Iqbal youth conference and declamation contest

The Usman Institute of Technology’s Volunteer Pakistan Organisation and All Pakistan Youth Organisation will organise “Allama Iqbal Youth Conference and Declamation Contest” on Thursday, November 8 at the auditorium.  

The event is being organised in connection with the birth anniversary of poet philosopher Dr Allama Mohammad Iqbal marked on November 9 across the country.

On the day, participants will get the opportunity to speak and pay tribute to Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal and distinguished guest speakers will highlight the importance of the day.

UIT Faculty member and event organizer, Engr. Sana Sohail said Iqbal was a visionary leader for all generations. He said the event is being organised to create awareness about Iqbal’s vision and message of equality and humanity. “There is a need to use Iqbal’s literary work as a guideline to deal with the challenges we are currently facing.”

Some of the guest speakers include Abdul Haseeb Khan, Dr Umair Ahmed Siddiqui (Islamic Scholar, Anchorperson at QTV and ARY Digital writer of more than 15 Books), Dr Farhan Essa Abdullah, Samir Mir Shaikh, Muhammad Shahriyar Anis, Khuwaja Bilal Mansoor Sethi while judges for the declamation contest are Dr Inshal Javed (anchor person, media host, public speaker, published author and motivational trainer, Dr Umm-e-Farwa, public speaker who has trained over 1,000 students for debate.

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