UBG and BMP Progressive Group hosts round table on women’s employment in Lahore

In a collaborative effort, UBG and BMP Progressive Group are set to host a groundbreaking Round Table on Women’s Employment in Lahore. This significant event is expected to draw women entrepreneurs across Pakistan, fostering a platform for dialogue and collaboration.

Samina Fazil, Chairperson of the Women Wing of UBG, announced that Mr. S M Tanveer, patron Inchief of UBG, will be the Chief Guest on the occasion. Distinguished speakers at the Round Table will include Zubair Tufail, President UBG, Atif Ikram, Presidential Candidate of UBG, and Saquib Fayyaz Magoon, candidate for the SVP seat. The Round Table aims to chart a roadmap for women entrepreneurs, outlining their pivotal role in women’s empowerment.

Samina Fazil emphasised that the event will showcase female entrepreneurs’ unity, enthusiasm, and progressiveness dedicated to fortifying Pakistan’s economic landscape. It is poised to exemplify the unwavering commitment of women to contribute significantly to various economic sectors, including health, education, engineering, social work, and service industries.

Prominent figures expected to participate in the Round Table include Naheed Masood, Farzana Barni, Syeda Saeed Bano, Rizwana Shahid, Robina Amjad, Quetta ul Aun, Sonia Aqeel, Mumtaz Akhter, Lubna Tubsum and Shabnam Zafar. Their collective presence underscores the diversity and strength of women making strides in diverse fields, further emphasising their impact on the nation’s progress.

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