Tributes to Rasool Buksh

The famous writer Jami Chandiyo said that Rasool Buksh was an honest person, he spent his half-life with Rasool Buksh Palejo. He is also writing the book based on the political life of Rasool Buksh Palejo he added. On this wonderful evening Wasatullah Khan read some important part of Rasool Buksh’s life which highlights his whole career in politics.

He shares his ideas while addressing the ceremony based on the political life of “Rasool Buksh Chandiyo” organized by Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

The Chairman of folk and Heritage Committee of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Dr. Ayub Sheikh said that, Rasool Bukhsh Chandiyo was an intellectual person his efforts to develop Sindh province are immortal. He further said that to describe the ever green life of Rasool Buksh Palejo in few words is impossible, he is remaining alive in the heart of people. Kirmat Ali also commented on the life of Rasool Buksh Chandio, he said that Rasool Buksh was a kind friend to him, he always want to help others. His ability to understand the thoughts of common People are clearly defined by his accomplishments. His life is the perfect example of struggle.

The famous theatre director Sheema Karmani said that, Rasool Bukhsh Chandio always spoke for women as he was the only person who stands before the women to help them. In this event Abdul Qadir Anto, Hoor-un-Nisa Palejo, Aslam Azad, Madad Ali Sindhi, Gul Hassan Kalmati and many other commented on the life of Rasool Buksh Palejo. At the end of the day Sheema Kermani Performed a theatre dance which represent the culture of Sindh. The houseful event was observed by many famous personalities of Sindh province.

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