Tree plantation drive to promote greening of Islamabad launched.

Ahmar Ellahi, Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues, kicked off the Spring Tree Plantation Drive on Tuesday with a publicly launched plantation effort to plant trees within the Accountant General’s office. In this connection, a ceremony was organised during which AGPR’s Ahmar Ellahi said trees are significant because they improve people’s lives and meet their basic requirements. During photosynthesis, trees break down food materials and absorb carbon dioxide. As a result, the trees generate carbohydrates using sunshine, he said.

He added that trees support life by providing habitat for various creatures, including squirrels, bees, and birds. Trees clean the air by taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emitting oxygen. Trees chill the surroundings by absorbing heat from the sun, cooling the atmosphere. They also provide shade for residences and roadways.

AGPR’s Ahmar Ellahi also discussed the plantation’s ambitions, including its intention to plant lemon trees on the AGPR premises. We will also add diverse fruit-bearing, blooming, and other plant species to enhance the surroundings’ aesthetic attractiveness.

Ellahi emphasised residents’ common obligation to plant trees in their houses, neighbourhoods, and vacant lots to protect the environment from pollution and ensure a sustainable future.

He announced the launch of a campaign among youth and children to increase environmental awareness. He thanked AIMS Horticulture and the Kitchen Gardening Club Islamabad for their assistance in planting the trees. Mr Naveed Ahmed Khan, the editor of the Daily Spokesman, was also present. Director AGPR, Ms Ammara Hasan, also planted a lemon tree, emphasising the importance of tree planting in reducing the negative consequences of climate change.

This campaign emphasised the importance of forest conservation and tree planting in addressing climate change. This effort aimed to realise the idea of a green Pakistan. AIMS Horticulture & Kitchen Gardening Club is part of AIMS Education System’s H-8/1 project in Islamabad.

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