Trade volume of US$ 200 million between Pakistan and Finland needs to be enhanced; envoy Finland

Trade volume between Pakistan and Finland is at meager 200 million dollars which needs to be enhanced and for this Finland will encourage Pakistani business community to explore new opportunities in any sector. This was told by Mr. Harri Kamarainen, Ambassador of Finland to Pakistan while addressing to members of Karachi Council on Foreign Relations during his visit to KCFR House in Karachi.

He was accompanied by Ms. Sadia Khan, Honorary Consul General of Finland, Karachi.

On arrival at KCFR House, the ambasador was received by Admiral Khalid Mir, Co-Chairman KCFR and Commodore Retd. Sadeed A. Malik, Secretary General.

Mr. Harri Kamarainen shared that although Finland has only 60 million population but is far ahead of other countries in the field of technology. Referring telecom giant Nokia, he told that budget of this company alone is more than few developing countries in total. “Business community of Pakistan is welcomed to do business, invest or partner in any sector,” he said.

“We have the best universities of the world and teaching language is also English. We spend bigger per capita amount on research and developments here as compared with other parts of the world. Around 20,000 foreign students are studying in these educational institutions. Number of Pakistani students is only 200 which is very low and needs to be enhanced. Given the opportunity, Finish students would also like to come to Pakistan for studies. We will also warmly welcome Pakistani students,” Mr. Harri encouraged.

Responding to a question about Kashmir issue, he reaffirmed that Finland was a strong believer of human rights and had realization of human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He added that Finland had been part of UN Observers on Kashmir on both sides of Kashmir and has full awareness of the issue. We have raised our voice on this issue on many forums and have also played our role in tabling a resolution in European Union in this regard. Kashmir is a long standing issue between Pakistan and India and should be solved as per UN resolutions or with the help of third country, he opined.

He said that he was happy to be there at KCFR house and wanted to make relations stronger with such think tanks,” Mr. Harri added.

Earlier, Admiral Retd. Khalid Mir delivered welcome address while Commodre Retd. Sadeed A. Malik presented introduction of KCFR. Later, the ambassador wrote his remarks on guest book and Admiral Khalid Mir presented KCFR crest to the Envoy.

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