TPL Maps customized solutions & enhanced features empower people and businesses

TPL Maps being a leading location based website in Pakistan provides easy access to the individuals who are looking to shop locally. By means of local shops, we desired to provide a business with the platform where they can display their advertisements through TPL mapping solution.

Location based marketing services mainly help a business to hunt their right target audience at the right time. TPL mapping solution website provides the fastest search optimization option through which a business product or services gets an instant viewership from their targeted audience, and that is only possible because of TPL’s extensive reach of the map around the corners of Pakistan.

TPL Maps is the only digital mapping service licensed by the Survey of Pakistan. Launched in August 2016 the app helps users reach their desired destination by utilizing the smart search option that has over 2.3 million Points of Interest (POIs) to choose from across Pakistan.

TPL Maps covers over 250+ cities and 3.2 million distinct housing addresses spread over a road network of 300,000+ km. In addition, TPL Maps also includes over 1000 3D structures of important landmarks around various cities, which will further assist users to identify and reach their desired location in the shortest time period. The app currently has 100,000+ downloads and increasing at a very high pace.

TPL Maps customized solutions & enhanced features empower people and businesses in Pakistan to harness the power of location and building innovative solutions for a better tomorrow. In addition to our mapping services, TPL Maps’ flagship offering includes the in-dash navigation hardware and software which is a state-of-the-art advanced system equipped with the latest technology that is tailored for the region to make navigation accurate, faster and on-point.

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