Toyota Dream Art Car Contest: 9 Children to Compete in Global Event

9 children, who won the 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Pakistan will compete in World Contest in Japan. Three times previously world winners included Pakistani children. Toyota Dream Art Contest is an annual contest, held in two sections, the Local Contest organized by IMC followed by the World Contest hosted by Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. Children are encouraged to paint their dream car.

CEO Indus Motor Company Ali Asghar Jamali said, Pakistani children are immensely gifted. It is very unfortunate that we do not have a lot of platforms to bring this talent out. Dream Art Car Contest is aimed to showcase talent of our children to the world. Indus Motor Company has been arranging this contest for last six years and it is getting bigger and better every year. We have reached to 650 schools across Pakistan and received 23000 entries. Next year we are aiming to reach 1000 schools across Pakistan,’ he added.

Children under 16 years of age are broadly divided into 3 categories as per age. For the first time, a category targeting children with special needs was also included in the competition, named Royal.

‘In the future, there is nothing cars can’t do. Cars will not only provide transportation but they can help people in need, conserve energy, clean, save endangered species, and they can provide entertainment. These are the visions for cars of the young artists and national champions of Toyota Dream Car Art Contest,’ said one of the members of jury.

The winners of the first category (children under 8 years of age) were Maryam Faraz, Haziq Aftab and Syed Wali Zaidi. The winners of the second category (children aged 8 to 11) were M. Umar Nadeem, M. Yousuf Memon and Ibrahim Ahmed Qureshi.

Similarly, the winners of the third category (children aged 11 to 15) were Sufiyan Salman, Khubaib Ahmed Qureshi and Reeva Nadeem. Besides, and schools across Pakistan catering these children were approached. The winners of this category named as ‘Royal’ for children with special needs were Usman Ghani, Noreen Ameer and Hassan Javed.


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