Three-day exhibition ‘Conurbations’ in Art Council

President of Arts Council Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that Arts Council continues its efforts concerning the elevation of arts and literature and it’s been our motive to highlight the art of our young artist along with the senior ones. “High proportion of opportunities are also being given to our young artists so it may wider the door of creativity and so they are considered vibrant future of arts”, said Ahmed Shah. He shared his considerate sights while addressing the opening ceremony of the three-day exhibition ‘Conurbations’, organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi in collaboration with Vasl Artists’ Association which exhibited the marvelous artistic works of the resident artist Haider Ali, kick-off on the evening of August 27, 2018.

Muhammad Ahmed Shah further said that Arts council has been working on fine arts and the newly established building will offer 3 permanent art galleries where one gallery will demonstrate the work of master artist whereas the other two would be reserved for regular artists and the students. This will be an ultimate platform to exhibit their artistic work. He further admired the exhibitor’s work and advised them to continue to improve their artistic abilities.

The main theme of the young artist Haider Ali was the town’s surrounding, environment and conurbations, in which he showed exquisiteness of the metropolitan city through painting. The 10 unique types of his artifacts were exhibited on the occasion. These artifacts include maps of various areas of Karachi, fascinating pictures of construction works, paintings, drawings, graphically generated imagery, photographs and other creative stuff.

The resident artist Haider Ali, also exhibited his unique artifact which reflected the 3-month residency of this city. Since May 2018 and over the past 3 months he has developed a body of work which reflects on the changing landscapes of his city environment and surroundings and these artifacts holds the organic change from the atmosphere of various suburbs of the city, reflecting the atmosphere, construction and the environment. Audience however appreciated the unique approach of young artist and encouraged him to elevate his work to the next level. The three-day exhibition will be continued at Arts Council Karachi till Friday 31st August.

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