There is a need to focus on agricultural development and prosperity in the country, Iftikhar Ali Malik

In the current situation in Pakistan, there is a need to pay attention to the development of agriculture and its prosperity. European countries must firmly establish their footing, for which new technology is used in the agricultural sector. These views were expressed by the president of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, former president of FPCCI, former chairman of UBG and international Business leader Iftikhar Ali Malik in a conversation with a delegation of traders. Iftikhar Ali Malik said the current account deficit could be controlled through joint consultation with stakeholders; we must prevent smuggling and under-invoicing. Foreign exchange is licked like money.

President SAARC Chamber said that the representatives of the business community should give practical suggestions to the government for the development of all sectors. So what else will she do, we have to modernise the agricultural sector because clean It is a farming country and we can dominate the world through farm products.

Iftikhar Ali Malik said that luxury goods had ruined this country, from luxury cars to the cost of everything between a rich and a common citizen. It is becoming dangerous and uncontrollable, our exports are shrinking due to increased petrol and energy prices, but the government is turning a blind eye.

He further said that problems could not be solved with closed eyes, economic prosperity is the only way to success, a group of rulers of political parties are serving their families instead of Pakistan, and nuclear power is being compromised as a beggar. This will be a great loss for Pakistan and Muslim countries, Muslim enemy countries are ready to take full advantage of this situation, and the present time is to pay the price of freedom.

While doing this, he said that General Pervez Musharraf and former Prime Minister Shaukat Waziz had given us a plot of 3 crore rupees for the capital office of FPCCI in Islamabad, which we did not construct, and today this building of the capital office has cost 400 crore rupees, and we have done this work. We did it not for our personal purpose but for the business community’s overall better interest. I have to wear glasses so that they know how to do things. He said that the youth should come forward and take over the reins of FPCCI; now, people are worried because the LCs are not open, people’s imports are lying at the port, and the business community is concerned if the government does not solve their problems. If so, how will they pay taxes to the government?

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