The hilarious theatre play ‘Hotel Jan-e-Jaan’ at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and Stage Bugs Production jointly organised a media night for the farce romantic comedy play “Hotel Jaan-e-Jaan.” The media night saw a large number of prominent personalities from the showbiz industry, including former Information Minister and President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, renowned actors Humayun Saeed, Fahad Mustafa, Kubra Khan, Bushra Ansari, and other luminaries’ personalities. Addressing the audience, the President of the Arts Council highlighted the abundance of talent in today’s generation, acknowledging both extraordinary and ordinary talent.

He emphasised the Arts Council’s role as a platform where individuals can showcase their talent. He proudly said that Arts Council students are part of this Drama. They are completely trained, they know about production and moment, and they know how to act in a certain situation. He also expressed his desire for major production houses to provide opportunities to students of the Arts Council Academy for their upcoming projects.

He thanked everyone for their encouragement and support for the team performing on stage. The producer and founder of “Hotel Jaan-e-Jaan” is Raahim Bukhari, while the theatre director is Farhan Alam Siddiqui. The drama’s cast includes renowned actors Yasir Hussain, Umer Aalam, Sabiha Zia, Fiza Munir, Sheryl John, Zoobi Fatima, Muhammad Asim, and Maneeb Sheikh. Yasir Hussain and Umer Aalam showcased their exceptional acting skills on stage, while Farhan Alam Siddiqui’s direction brought moments of friendship and heart-touching emotions to life. Even after the final curtain call, the drama continues to enthral audiences with its captivating storyline.

“Hotel Jaan-e-Jaan” unravels a tapestry of emotions among the lost souls, promising to open new horizons amidst the enigma of vanished identities. Stage Bugs Production is determined to entertain and promote creative abilities and artistic skills within the performing arts community. Members of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi can avail of a 50% discount on tickets for “Hotel Jaan-e-Jaan” from the Arts Council.


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